LAST UPDATED 26/05/2020

Can you deliver?

We do not deliver directly.  However, our friends at Stooge Coffee and Three Legs Brewery are stocking our bread and are providing a delivery service on Fridays.  


1) Place an order with Three Legs Brewery; add cheese, beer, cured meats and wine (minimum order of £25 applies). 

2) Place an order with Stu at Stooges; add coffee, oat milk, chai and coffee brew kits. (minimum order of £7.50 applies). 


What time will my order be ready for collection?

Bread is ready for collection on Friday afternoon between 12 noon and 2pm.  Orders must be received by midnight on Wednesday to be processed in time for Friday’s collection.  

What if I forget or am unable to collect? 

Please email us at hello@thecrownhastings.co.ukand we will be able to offer a refund.

What if I am finding the website too confusing?

For all queries, emailhello@thecrownhastings.co.uk

Can I sign up to a subscription of bread every week?

Yes, just place your first order, then let us know by email that you wish it to repeat each week and we will set this up manually.

Does the arrangement work for social distancing? 

The zero-contact collection process:
– Most importantly – if you feel ill, have minor symptoms or have been in contact with anyone
with Covid-19 – please do not visit The Crown to collect your bread.
– The doors to the Crown will be open from 12-2pm every Friday (no need to touch the handles –
they will be propped open)
– We will be operating a ‘Covid-19 Secure’ and best practice system. One customer allowed in
The Crown at any time to collect their bread via separate entry and exit points which will be
marked. If someone is in the Crown already, please queue up Crown Lane – standing at least
2m away from the person in front.
– The bread will be placed in a bag on the bar counter with your name on it. Please take your
bag, without touching anything else.

– Social distancing shall be maintained at all times when customers are on the premises. To
achieve this, our staff member will be back of house rather than customer facing. If you wish to
get their attention, please shout hello!  Important: please only use this for the
communication of important information, for anything less urgent please email us. This is to
ensure that our staff have minimal contact.

Do I need to bring my own bag?

The bread will already be packed and sealed in a brown bag.

When will you have a wider range of products like beer, coffee and cooked meals?

We aim to add more products to our range in the coming weeks.  The current range is limited due to restrictions on social distancing and the prioritising of staff and customer safety.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

If you email hello@thecrownhastings.co.uk and you haven’t yet collected your order, we can give you a refund. 

How can I suggest something I want you to sell?

Please email hello@thecrownhastings.co.uk  – we’d love to hear your suggestions

My item doesn’t look like it does in the photo and I am not very happy with the product.

Please email hello@thecrownhastings.co.uk and we will help.

I thought you were a pub?  Then I thought you were a shop?!  When will you just be a pub again?

We are diversifying during the coronavirus pandemic.  We hope for a return to normality as soon as it is safe to do so.

Can I order gluten free bread or ask for specific changes to recipes to suit my dietary requirements and allergies?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate recipe changes for allergies and food intolerances at this time.  If you have any food allergies, please inform us via email before ordering athello@thecrownhastings.co.uk.


ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? PLEASE EMAIL: hello@thecrownhastings.co.uk